32 Websites blocked by the Indian Government over containing content from ISIS terrorists.

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32 Websites blocked by the Indian Government over containing content from ISIS terrorists

Yesterday all were busy in celebrating New Year eve with wishing everyone on the Internet. But at India breaking news trended everywhere even on the Internet as fire on 1st Jan, 2015. It was, “Government has blocked 32 websites including some popular websites like dailymotion.com, archive.org, github.com, pastebin.com and vimeo.com”.

Indian Department of Telecommunication (DOT) circular was leaked online on 31st Dec, 2014 (Wednesday). DOT has used the power of Section 69A (Including power of blocking public access to Internet contents) of Information Security Act and the Information Technology (Procedures and Safeguards for Blocking of Access of Information by Public) rules to issue this directive.

According to the government officials, “The websites are blocked for hosting content that belongs to the terrorist group ISIS and are not cooperating with the govt. investigations”.

Here is the copy of the notice issued by DOT to all Internet Service Providers.

DOT Blocked 32 Websites

The Internet service licenses were directed accordingly to block the concerned websites as in the list above. I have also tried to access a few websites while writing this article. Some are blocked and some are still accessible as ISPs are still in the process of blocking them.

Different political parties in India also gave their statement to the news.

Arvind Gupta (Head of IT cell, BJP) has tweeted, “The websites that have been blocked were based on an advisory by Anti Terrorism Squad, and were carrying Anti India content from ISIS. The sites that have removed objectionable content and/or cooperated with the ongoing investigations, are being unblocked.”

Source: twitter.com
Pastebin.com has also tweeted about getting blocked in India:

“Pastebin is still blocked in India. We are getting many reports about this. The Indian government has blocked us, and right now there is little we can do about it. It has happened in the past, and we got unblocked after some time. For now we recommend using a free proxy service if you are based in India.”

Later at evening, this news trended about the Govt. that they have further decided to unblock four websites.

1. weebly.com
2. vimeo.com
3. dailymotion.com
4. gist.github.com

As these websites has gave assurance to the Govt. that they will not allow pasting of such “jihadi propaganda” as from ISIS on their websites. They are ready to work with the Govt. to remove such material as per the compliance with the laws of land. So, similarly other websites will be unblocked as when they will give similar assurance to the Indian Govt.

Finally now Govt. is active to take similar actions against any such propaganda on any website. But in reality ISIS terrorists could be using other social media platform like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter for the similar act. So in that case, “Does the Govt. is now planning to block Facebook, Google+ or Twitter?

This question will remain unanswered till Govt. next action.

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