70,000 photographs of women leaked from Tinder

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70,000 photographs of women leaked from Tinder

Do you have a Tender account?

Have you uploaded intimate photographs on Tinder account?

This article will annoy you as with the most popular dating website. There is news that 70,000 photographs of women have been leaked online. And, these photographs belong to almost 16000 users. These photographs are leaked on a crime-crime forum where other numbers of cybercriminals meet. They can use these intimate photographs to dupe lonely man and squeeze substantial money from him. Even people are habitual of writing their full name while creating tinder profile. Cybercriminal can also find their social media ID and can even blackmail them over there regarding leaking intimate photographs to friends. 

It is always recommended limit uploading photographs on social media as what so ever is uploaded is having chances of being leaked online. 

The Tinder company representatives will definitely make an effort to remove those photographs from the cyber-crime forum, but as they have already been leaked, so it is much difficult for the stop the sharing of those photographs. Further, message for the reader, if you have access to these photographs never shares them because as per your country law you could be doing cybercrime and those photographs can’t be shared without the consent of the person. 

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