Anonymous Hacker’s Group Hacked “al Qaeda” Website

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On 7 Jan 2015, freedom of speech has suffered hard. Terrorists breached into “Charlie Hebdo” newspaper’s Paris office and shot several satirical cartoon artists, journalists and two policemen. In this attack, total 12 people were murdered.

Terrorist attack at Paris saddens the whole world. Onto this, the Anonymous Hacker’s Group announced revenge by uploading a video on their Belgium YouTube account last week.

Video says, “Anonymous will track down and close any social network accounts belonging to terrorists to avenge the deaths.

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Now I have exclusive news for you, it was revealed by the Anonymous Hacker’s Group at their YouTube and Twitter account. News is that they have initiated the task by shutting down the first Jihadi ‘Ansar al Haqq‘ website ( under the banner of “Op Charlie Hebdo”. It was a Jihadi website of “al Qaeda, the Islamic State and other terrorists” 

Before shutting down the website, it was announced by the Anonymous that they will apply DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on the Jihadi website to fight for freedom of expression. DDOS attack is basically a malicious attempt to make the server or network resource unavailable to the user temporarily.

The Anonymous Hacker’s group said, “They have always fought for the freedom of speech, and will never let this right besmirched.”

I have also arranged snapshot of the post on their official Twitter account (@opcharliehebdo) about the website TangoDown.

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Anonymous group has also requested people to take initiative as volunteers and report about social media profiles belonging to terrorist. This statement was revealed on the Twitter and snapshot for the same is available below:

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Further Anonymous Hacker’s Group said, “We do not forget the other victims killed and injured in the attack that were the targets of these murderers. It is clear that some people do not want, in a free world, this inviolable and sacred right to express in any way one’s opinions. Anonymous will never leave this right violated by obscurantism and mysticism. We will fight always and everywhere the enemies of freedom of speech”.

This is not the first attack performed by the Anonymous. These kinds of attacks were also taken place last year. Hackers claimed affiliations with the Anonymous and started cyber attacks on the countries supporting ISIS group.

Now I would like to ask questions from this website visitors. After reading this news, what do you think about the hackers? Are they Good or Bad?

Don’t forget to answer it as reply to this article.

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