Attention! 16 years old US teenager hacked his school network

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Hey, here comes truly stunning news from the universe of innovations. You will be stunned to hear this news, now teens have begun hacking the secured systems of the school to improve their school grades.


Yes, here it’s an intense issue about the mindset of teenagers. As we know technology is growing very vastly and is turning into an essential part of our life but, along with pros it even has negative aspects too. It is crucial to teach the youngsters about the drawbacks of technology so that they won’t perform any criminal activity on the web.

Coming to the news!

Few weeks ago 16 years old US teenager named as Eric Walstrom hacked into his school’s network to improve his test grades and is now arrested by the US Govt. for performing cyber criminal activity.


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Reportedly Eric is the student of New Dorp High School in Staten Island, New York and usually has bad grades in school. The teenager honed his hacking skills from NYU (New York University) summer camp program and tested his skills with the school’s secured database.

The crime report says that the high schooler hacked into school’s PC framework. And,  established a network by which he accessed school’s database remotely via his Smartphone. Then he obtained his evaluation reports from mid-December to ahead of schedule February and changed the figures.

The unauthorized login was identified by the IT administrators of the school, and they notified the police about the cyber crime.

Apparently, the suspect is the son of a firefighter who served to save the victims on 9/11 and died in 2013 due to disease.

Law enforcement source quoted, “You’d think a kid smart enough to hack his school’s computers would already have good grades. Maybe the DOE should hire him to expose weaknesses in their security firewalls”.

Oh My God!

It’s truly stunning that how kids are getting more brilliant. However, it is even a matter of worry that how they are misusing the technology.  I advise you to guide children at home to be an Ethical Hacker instead of being a Cyber Criminal.

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