Attention! Android Apps can steal your credentials

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Hi all, Today I have exciting news for you from the Google Play Store. Usually, most of the people have habit of downloading and testing different Apps and their functionality. But surprisingly, it also increases the risk of hacking. Now might you are thinking to ask.

How it can be possible?

Yes, it is possible as App you download from the Google Play Store can be a malicious App. It can hack into your Smartphone to steal your credentials.

I know more questions are now striking in your mind, as Apps which are on Google Play Store are tested by Google before being launched. Then, how it can be malicious?

You are thinking absolutely right, as App when launched at Play Store is not malicious. As Google test it and launch it as a legitimate App of an organization. Total Apps launched in Google have reached more than 1.3 millions. Hackers launch a legitimate App and when that App goes viral in Google Play Store, as numbers of people have downloaded and installed it. They modify and update the App to perform illegal activity. Because they already know Google immediately don’t block any old App. Till the time when Google come to know about the illegal activity performed by the App, it has affected many people.

Shocked? Yes, that’s true!

I also have an example for it. There was a very famous App on the Google Play Store that is now revealed as a malicious App. First answer me.

Do you like to download App, which has sexy wallpapers of girls for your Android Smartphone?

Don’t hesitate! I know your answer is yes, right?

Everyone loves to have awesome wallpaper at their Android Smartphone. It can be a movie star or a sexy model. But after reading this article, you will think twice or even thrice before downloading any such Android wallpaper App.

Yes, you heard it correct. Hackers are also aware of your liking and disliking, as they keep on tracking the ways by which they can attack you.

Have you ever downloaded any App on your Android device, which allows you to place the sexy images of girls as wallpapers on your device?

If your answer is no, then you are lucky. But, if its yes, then there is a possibility that your credentials are compromised from your Android Smartphone.


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The malicious App that is revealed by Google was named as “Sexy Girls Wallpaper Gallery”. This App offers its users to set sexy girls wallpapers on their Android devices and possibly do so.

Image source:

This App was malicious even after delivering sexy wallpapers, it had promised! Here is the answer for all questions wandering in your mind. As after downloading the App, this App asked for an extra permission to access your online accounts. People ignored it and installed the App, as usually all Apps ask for these types of special permissions. But, Google removed the App from Play Store after identifying the malware in the App. Now question arises in everyone’s mind.

How many people has downloaded and installed this malicious App at their Smartphone?


Image source:

Answer is “Sexy Girls Wallpaper Gallery” App was downloaded between 50,000 to 100,000 times. It does simply means that account information of so many people could have been comprised by the App to the hackers.  It’s not clear yet, for what purpose hackers have collected these credentials. It may be for a spam campaign. As many people has downloaded and installed this App after granting account permissions to the App.

Adam Kujawa (Head of malware intelligence, Malwarebytes Lab) said, “The App does actually provide wallpapers to the users, which makes it even more dangerous since users might not suspect an App of being malicious if it does what it advertises.”

The reason behind success of this hacking scam was curiosity of people to install attractive ‘Sexy Girls Images App’. This curiosity made them victim. This App was well designed with very attractive wallpaper and after looking those wallpapers people downloaded it. Google removed this App, but there could be similar malicious Apps available on the Play Store. So, be aware while downloading any App on your Android Smartphone.

There is no hardcore advice or suggestion to know which App should be installed and should not be installed. But I advise you to update your Android device with an antivirus today. It will instantly notify you, if behavior of any App seems to be malicious. There are various antiviruses available in the online market. But I recommend Kaspersky Internet Security as it is an affective antivirus (Approximate cost: 300 Rs. / 5$(USD)). Download and install it from the Google Play Store.

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EH1-Infotech™ Hacking News admin signing off for today.

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