Attention! Malware video is circulating through the Facebook Messenger

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Readers, I am back again with the latest scam taking place in the Facebook world. I know you are curious to know about this scam.

How would you react?

If you will come to know that fraudsters are utilizing the Facebook Messenger to hack into your devices and to steal your personal information and important credentials.


Yes, it’s true and possible. I know what’s striking in your mind now. How someone can hack via Facebook Messenger?

Let’s have a look at the news below to understand this scam in better way:

Cyber criminals are utilizing the world’s most popular social networks for their immoral purposes. They are circulating Trojan through the Facebook. You could receive a video from one of their friend in Facebook Messenger that conveys a label –‘Your name private video’. On receiving video, you may feel excited and happy believing that his/her friend has sent a particular video. But, be alert! It could be a Trojan attempting to enter your System/Smartphone.

Snapshot containing Trojan circulating video:

Image Source:

Image Source:

It seems to be a YouTube video. But in relality on click you will realize that it originates from an entirely different source like ‘‘. If you have good antivirus installed at your Smartphone/System. Then it will definitely alert you regarding this malware.

Please, have a look at antivirus alert’s screenshot below:

Image Source:

Image Source:

But in case, if you have not installed antivirus then you could be a victim of this hacking scam. This video malware could have influenced numbers of accounts on the Facebook.

A TROJAN is circulating through the Facebook social network is stealing account data and credentials, security firm Malwarebytes has claimed.

In case you receive similar video file as message in the Facebook Messenger, you need not to click or download to protect yourself from this scam. On the other side don’t forget to install genuinely purchased antivirus at your Smartphone/System.

If you’ve have also spotted a malicious application or have experience related to the Facebook malware. Don’t forget to share it with us as comments to this post. Your experiences can be valuable for helping others to stay safe in the future.  If you have any other security tips for staying safe on social networks, let us know!

That’s all for today

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