Banking malware eventbot could be the next possible threat to android

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Banking malware_eventbot threat to android

Banking malware eventbot could be the next possible threat to android

Just when you thought that android might have improved as a mobile operating system in terms of security, a new threat in the form of malware has popped up. Although it is not new that new malware has been detected in android, there has been much malware before, but this time it is more dangerous than you may think. This time the malware is specifically designed to attack banking apps of the user and is known as Eventbot. Cybereason, a cybersecurity firm founded in 2012, has shed light on this banking malware eventbot.

According to Cybereason, this banking malware eventbot is capable of stealing financial information of the user by exploiting vulnerabilities in the Android operating system.

This malware asks for unnecessary permissions, of which non-tech geeks do not have much knowledge. If this malware somehow gets these permissions, it exploits them by reading messages in the background, which can include bank OTPs. It doesn’t end here. It also tries to gain the permission of storage, launch automatically after booting, display over other apps, and authority to install additional packages. It also seeks to gain access to observe what you type. Getting access to this proves to be a masterstroke, and the banking malware eventbot can read what you type, which includes passwords to banking apps and various other sites.

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Moreover, baking malware eventbot can also gain system accessibility services, which allow it to run in the background permanently. Accessibility is a powerful feature in the Android operating system, which will enable apps to run in the background and act as a keylogger while the system runs. This malware is targeting over 200 apps, which range from being banking, cryptocurrency, and money transfer apps. Most popular apps being Paypal, Unicredit, Revolt, and Barclays.

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Banking malware eventbot has spread over a lot of countries and has affected a significant number of devices in countries like the UK, USA, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Spain. Although this malware has not yet reached the Play store, experts believe that it will because of how smart it is in tricking the users. Cybereason also said that since mobiles access 60 % of the enterprise data, the attackers might have seen an enormous opportunity and made malware specifically for mobile devices. It is yet to be seen if this malware passes Google Play Store’s strict malware checks.

Banking malware eventbot

How to be safe from banking malware eventbot?

Since this is a new malware, there are no definite preventive measures, but there are steps to make sure that you make your device less prone to it. The first precaution you can take to be safe from this malware is that you must download all your apps from a credible source. It always recommended downloading all your apps from the Play Store to be assured of your safety. Moreover, you must be aware of the type of apps you are installing. The app must be from a reputed developer because there still can be some malicious apps on the Play Store that no one knows about right now.

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Managing what permission your apps are asking for is also mandatory. You must check which apps are accessing what permissions, and if an app is requesting permission, which it does not need for functioning, it may be fishy.

Moreover, do not click on every link that comes via any untrusted source. There can be attempts to make you click on those links, which will lead you to malicious websites installing malware on your device, causing issues in the future. Only click on the links from the sources you trust. Remember to be safe, and you must be aware of what you are accessing on your device and how you use it. Good practices will make you less vulnerable and open to banking malware eventbot or any other malware in general.

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