Do you know new Secret Search Engine will search for Sex Trafficking?

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Eye opening news for all, as US govt. is on way to fight against online sex trafficking. Sex offender those who have signed up on any anonymous pornographic sites for sex trafficking. And, do think that Google or other Search Engine couldn’t trap them is proved wrong by the US government.


Okay! Here’s the full story. US military’s Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA) reported a year ago to make an Internet Searcher/Search Engine that would dive deep into the web to bring information from the Deep Web. Now they are successful in launching the Search Engine to fight against the cyber crime and named it as MEMEX Deep Web Search Engine. I know a question will definitely comes to your mind.

What the hell is this Deep web?

Deep web is a set of web pages that are not accessible by the Web Search Engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. For instance, the Web Search Engine like Google indexes only 5% of the total web pages, that is really on the web and rest of the pages fall into the Deep Web. Yes this is reality only 5% of the information on the Internet is given access by the Search Engines. Rest 95% is Deep Web. OMG, as everyone is underestimating the size of the Internet.

Do you know what is present in the Deep Web?

When the Internet was invented, this space was kept for the Government to launch secret missions. But now-a-days cyber criminals use this space to perform unlawful activities like cyber crime, online drug deals, child pornography and sex trafficking.

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Presently a nongovernmental association and a law implementation office is performing beta testing on the newly developed Search Engine. And, after few weeks it will be on the next stage of testing. MEMEX Search Engine will get the information from the Deep Web, as it is specially designed to fetch the sites that are covered up by the dark web.

This implies that MEMEX will permit DARPA to trap the criminals just like police does in the Hollywood movies. So from now, whatever we see in the Hollywood motion pictures is going to be possible in the real life. MEMEX Search Engine is launched to secure the world from the unlawful Deep Web activities like from hackers or from sex traffickers.

This Search Engine is basically designed to trap the cyber criminals over the net and to decrease the rate of illegal dark web activities across the world.

“The program right now is focused on human trafficking—that was chosen as the target domain,” Schneider said. But the technology can be applied to other fields. “Any algorithms we can use to study human trafficking can easily be retargeted at other domains of people’s interest.”

Dr. Chris White inventor of MEMEX explained its working on 60 Minutes. You will definitely feel awesome to see his video demonstration at this link.

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