Do you use WhatsApp? World’s reachest man got hacked by downloading video message on WhatsApp.

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Have you secured your Smartphone?

I am asking this question to you because one news is viral everywhere on the Internet that Saudi Crown Prince hacked the Mobile phone of Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos is the founder-CEO of word’s famous company Amazon and Word’s reachest man. According to the news report, Jezz Bezos smartphone was hacked in 2018 when he received a video file on WhatsApp which was sent from the personal account of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Report of investigators says WhatsApp conversation had happened between both of them when an “unsolicited file” was sent and have hacked the Bezos’s Smartphone.

On every news, media is having the story regarding the same. People on the other side is taking interest as both are renowned personality and secondary, I am sure people are worried about their Smarpthhone security also.

I know there is one question is going in everyone mind that Is it is possible to hack a person with sending video file through WhatsApp?

If I straight forward say yes then I know there is awkward response will be generated from all that shall we stop downloading WhatsApp video messages which we receive from friends.

I know you are frightened of the same. We receive many WhatsApp message daily, and we usually set our WhatsApp with the default setting of downloading images, videos and documents, so this fear should always remain.

On the internet number of articles are written for the one side of the news that the mobile phone of Jeff Bezos was hacked. But another side is

Is it is possible that WhatsApp can be hacked by sending a video file?

Yes, it was possible.

In November 2019 Indian Computer Emergency Response Team(Cert-In) had advised citizen to update their WhatsApp to the latest version, as Facebook issued an urgent warning for WhatsApp users. The discovered vulnerability might allow the hacker to hack someone through sending a malicious video file on WhatsApp. So they urged to update WhatsApp.

Now again the question arises Is it still possible?

It may not be possible now with the video file if you have updated the WhatsApp to the latest version. But still, you need to remember one thing there is another way by which you can be hacked through WhatsApp as you usually download every file which you receive at WhatsApp.

Go to the setting of WhatsApp and stop auto download of Documents because still Malicious files can be sent to you via WhatsApp. And, never install any application you receive at WhatsApp from anyone because it can be a malicious spy application. You should only download the application from the Playstore or Appstore. Never turn on the Unknown Sources Option in Android Smartphone because it will allow installation of an app from sources other than the play store. And, if any malicious app gets install in your Smartphone, it going to hack you.

In case you have a question regarding the security option as I have explained above. You can write a comment below, and I will reply the same.

Stay Secure. Keep reading.

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