Do you want to know whether your friend has blocked you on WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging service that has become a blessing for all of us today. Remember those days when SMS you sent costed money, and you had to recharge your phone continually draining your wallet. Those message packs weren’t any good either. WhatsApp has fixed it all.

It doesn’t only provide free messages; it also offers free calling, free video calling, and a lot of other features that have made it the go-to application for contacting someone. Its usage sometimes bring unsolved
question as in the past also I have written article as Is your girlfriend or boyfriend cheating you by using OGWhatsApp?

It is relevant to state that billions of messages are sent over WhatsApp daily. But every conversation doesn’t always go good or does it. An argument with a friend or any heated discussion can lead to a bigger fight resulting in being blocked by the other person. While I can’t fix the battle for you, but I can help you find out if someone on WhatsApp has blocked you. Here’s how.

No profile photo.

It is the very first hint of you being blocked by someone. The moment someone blocks you on WhatsApp, their profile picture will not be visible to you. There are several reasons for someone’s profile photo suddenly disappearing and being blocked may be one of them. To confirm, ask your closed ones to check whether they can see it on their device or not, and if they are, something’s fishy.

Only a single tick on sending messages.

While profile picture may not be visible to you due to some settings like hiding the profile picture from privacy settings, or person deleting your contact and setting profile picture settings to “My contacts” only, checking via sending a message to them can be helpful.

You can send a message to the person and can check whether there is a double tick or a double blue tick. Former means the message has been delivered and later means the recipient has read that message. A single tick could be a hint that the recipient blocks you. Although this can be due to the person turning off their internet connection, you can check this by either sending a message by some other number or asking someone else to do so for you. If someone else is getting a double tick or a blue tick and you are not, you possibly are blocked by the person.

WhatsApp call/Video Call not connecting

This trick can also confirm of you being blocked by someone. Try calling the person on WhatsApp, if the call is not connecting, you may have been blocked. Ask others to try calling the person from their device. Their successful connection and your unsuccessful connection hints at you being blocked.

Not able to see status updates

If someone else can see their status updates and you are not, it signifies that you have been blocked or your number is deleted from their device. Although this is not the ideal factor to lead to the conclusion of being blocked by someone, it is a key one. 

And if all the above factors are not in your favor, you are blocked and need to try something else for contacting them.

Meanwhile, you can block someone by following these steps.

  • · Open the chat with the person.
  • · Click to the left of the video call button option to open their account.
  • · Scroll down and click on the block button.
  • · Confirm blocking them by clicking the block option on the popup.

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Do you want to know whether your friend has blocked you on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging service that has become a blessing for all of us today. Remember those days when...