Downloading pirated movies can infect your pc with malware

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Downloading pirated movies can infect your pc with malware

Downloading pirated movies can infect your pc with malware

This lockdown has left many people with free time in their homes, and everyone is doing something to keep themselves busy. While there are a lot of ways in which one can keep themselves busy, entertainment is one of those things which is one of the easiest ones. Entertainment media has seen a massive boom in viewers during this period. Be it the television industry or various video-on-demand services; everything is seeing a huge leap.

It is always annoying to wait for your favourite movies to come on television, and that is why the popularity of on-demand-video services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hotstar has seemingly improved. These services provide access to the latest movies and web series much faster than standard cable operator’s TV channels. But, to be honest, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone can afford subscriptions to these streaming services and pay those grossing amounts of cash every month. And who knows whether your particular favourite movie will be available on the platform for what you are paying.

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I know many are thinking about downloading movies from the Torrent. Got Surprised! If yes, then it is hard to believe that you do not know about torrenting, you might be living under a rock. Torrenting has been popular for a long time, and it might be as, if not more popular as these video streaming services. But nowadays accessing the torrent website is illegal and banned in many countries. But still, people find a way to enter the site to download pirated stuff as the majority of the audience does not like to pay for the entertainment they are consuming.

But do you know, downloading pirated movies can infect your pc with malware?

If you are torrenting for a while now, there is something you should be afraid of, and that is malware. Often, experts in the tech space tell the masses to be aware of malware in torrents, but lack of reports worries no one.

Recent research done by Microsoft claims that those experts may well be right. These downloading pirated movies can affect your pc with malware and can cause some serious trouble. Security research of Microsoft Threat Protection’s director Tanmay Ganacharya told cyberscoop that due to current activities of people quarantining themselves has increased demand in video streaming services, and not everyone can afford them.

People are torrenting to download their favourite content, and attackers are trying to attack them, and that is why an expert is correct about the issue that downloading pirated movies can infect your pc with malware, reports ExpressOnline.

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Attackers make the file format of the video in a zip format and include a malicious file along with the video file. When someone downloads those files, that script executes in the user’s system and runs itself using BITSAdmin to download more components of itself which includes an AutoIT script, which decodes a second-stage DLL. In the second stage, DLL injects a coin-ming code into the system of the user, and then the attacker uses the victim’s computer to mine coins for himself.

The worst part about all of it is that the user never notices that something fishy is happening in the background and keeps on using the computer. The only time user sees it is when his computer becomes too slow for no reason. Troubleshooting may be easy for tech geeks, but it is not easy for regular users, and hence they are affected by this malware for their whole life.

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The attacker can access the computer’s hardware and can use it for as long as he wants. That is why you should avoid torrenting and use the right platforms to access your favourite TV shows and movies because downloading pirated movies can infect your pc with malware and the aftermaths to that will be harmful. You cannot trust an unofficial source, so be safe and know from where to download.

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