How to detect hackers or unknown people using your Wi-Fi connection?

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Awkward Situation

Facing Wi-Fi speed issue even after having good Internet plan and paying bill on time.

So, at this situation many questions strikes your mind like, “Is there anyone else other than family members using our Wi-Fi connection?”, “Are we being monitored by a hacker in our Wi-Fi?”, “Does hacker using our Wi-Fi for any illegal activity?

You have the right to block unknown persons accessing your Wi-Fi connection. So, this article will provide you a magic stick to find out answers of your questions by yourself. I am not discussing this article for Smartphone’s Wi-Fi hotspots. It is for Wi-Fi router at your home or small office.

Wi-Fi speed issue persists when someone else is using your Wi-Fi connection. This could also be a genuine problem if service issue from the Internet service provider (ISP). In that case, you can file a complaint to the concerned ISP and they will definitely resolve the issue.

But, in case there is no service problem and still you are facing speed issue than that could be the case of Wi-Fi hacking.

As you all know, Hacking is the biggest trend among teenagers now-a-days, especially “Wi-Fi hacking”. There are many methods by which Wi-Fi router can be hacked to know Wi-Fi password. After knowing Wi-Fi password, hackers enjoy using neighbours or small office Wi-Fi.

I am going to provide you a method by which you can easily track who else are using your Wi-Fi connection. There are different types of software and apps available in market that could let you know who is active on your Wi-Fi.

Here is a magic stick as software for your desktops/laptops named as “Who is on my Wi-Fi”. This software will let you know the Mac-address and IP-Address of the computers, laptops and mobile devices, which are active on your Wi-Fi.

Download ‘Who is on my Wi-Fi’ software for Windows and Mac OS X at

Now-a-days almost everybody is using Smartphone. So, you can also easily detect who is using your Wi-Fi. Isn’t that great?

The software i.e. “Who is on my Wi-Fi”, I have discussed as above is also available for Android and iPhone users. You can easily download it from Google Play Store or iPhone App Store as per your device.

Download link for Android users: –

Download link for iPhone users:-

Some other useful apps for your Android Smartphone, similar to this app are also available on the Internet. Like Wi-Fi watch, Wi-Fi Inspector and Fing. These apps will definitely let you know the list of all devices active on your Wi-Fi network.

Download link for Wi-Fi watch: –

Download link for Wi-Fi Inspector:-

Download link for Fing: –

Now onwards whenever you face Wi-Fi speed issue. You can take advantage of these software and apps by following their simple process after installation. You can easily find any unidentified computer or device in your Wi-Fi network.

If you find any unidentified device in your network, it is recommended to change your Wi-Fi password. If in case, you don’t know the process of changing your Wi-Fi password. You can simply call toll free no of your concerned ISP (Internet Service Provider). The ISP representative will guide you about changing your Wi-Fi password or they will send their Network Administrator at your location.

So finally you can detect hackers or unknown people in your Wi-Fi connection. Make sure you share this article with your friends so that they can also secure themselves from hackers and solve their Wi-Fi speed issues.

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