Is it really possible to hack into the Airlines system?

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Till the date airlines have proved to be the most secure system worldwide.

But, how will you react if you hear about the hacking incident in the most secured system worldwide, i.e. Airline systems. I know you will clench your finger in your mouth and start thinking about it.

One question that now strike your mind is, Is it really possible?

Airline hacking news is hot these days in the market.

A cyber security expert joked about hacking into the commercial airlines avionics computers through its wireless Internet system.

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After this news comes out, the airlines manufacturers and onboard Wi-Fi providers gave their review on the report that it is not possible.

After review the security experts said, “Nothing is impossible.”

The discussion exploded when Chris Robert (founder of One World Labs) tweeted, that he triggered oxygen mask to drop while he was a passenger at the United Airlines.

When the flight landed at Syracuse, FBI agents were waiting for him to question him and seize his device, according to the statement from his lawyers.

Snapshot of Chris Robert’s tweet

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The Robert’s tweet comes a day after the release of U.S Government’s report. Accordingly, the excessive use of the Internet on flights is increasing the risk factor that a hacker could hack into the airline system.

For more details, you can also watch the video containing the interview with the Robert about the research.

United Airlines also released a statement to this video, “We were confident that our flight control systems could not be accessed through techniques described by Chris Roberts.”

All of his computer equipment, including an iPad, a MacBook Pro, several hard drives and several USB memory sticks were confiscated, according to an FBI.

On Saturday, Roberts got prepared to travel to San Francisco for the RSA meeting. But United Airlines refused to allow him to fly. Ironically, Roberts’ talk was scheduled for Thursday, is in part about the vulnerabilities of transportation systems.

“United’s refusal to allow him to fly is both disappointing and confusing. As a member of the security research community, his job is to identify vulnerabilities in networks so that they can be fixed,” EFF’s Andrew Crocker said on the organization’s website. EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is donor-funded US 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.

This news definitely arise a question in everyone’s mind. Are we safe while travelling on an airline which provides onboard Wi-Fi service?

All airlines have to definitely look forward to secure their onboard Wi-Fi network. That’s all for latest happening related to Airlines system hacking. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends about latest happening in the hacking world.

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