OMG! A hacker implanted a chip to bypass Android phones and airport security scan

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The technology is getting advance every day, as now technology and biology are working in collaboration. This act was performed to hack airport security scan and Android phones.


Yes, this is true. And, Its execution is finalized through a method called biohacking. In this strategy, a computing device is injected under the skin, so this technique is for those who can bear the pain. To test this procedure former Navy petty officer Seth Wahle, who presently engineer at APA Wireless, has implanted a chip in his hand. This chip was embedded in the middle of his thumb and the finger of the left hand.

Seth Whale’s left-hand image:

Image Source:

Image Source:

The chip has an NFC antenna (Near Field Communication) that pings Android phones and ask the user to open a link. Malware installs to the device, if the user opens the requested link. And, it will also create a connection with the target Smartphone and hacker’s remote computer. In a demo, Seth Wahle used Metasploit Penetration Testing software on his computer system and commanded the connected Android device to take pictures.

The image of US Navy petty officer Seth Wahle is as below:

Image Source:

Image Source:

Wahle says that when he implanted the chip he was an employ at the military, and this chip was never detected by the scanners. He said, “They would have to put me through the X-ray (if they were going to recognize the chip).”

He is going to represent this hacking research, along with the security consultant Rod Miami in the Hack Miami Conference at Miami Beach on 15th May to 17th May, 2015. He will deeply discuss the attack in the conference.

Road Soto said, “This implanted chip can bypass pretty much any security measures that are in place at this point, and we will show proof of that.”

“This technique could be implemented in the various networks. If coded more complicated this chip could cause more serious damage especially in case of zero-degree vulnerability”, Soto added to this.

This technique is not that easy to be implanted into the body, as it looks to be. The use of the same chip is also for agricultural cattle tracking with NFC antenna.

Visitors, do you know?

Kevin Warwick was the first human to implant the NFC chip in his body.

So, to this news Kevin said, “It was good that this particular application is being tested, as it gives some idea of what might be possible and some of the dangers apparent.”

“Such an implant doesn’t get picked up at airports and so on, the amount of metal in it is far less than wearing a watch or wedding ring. Even my neural implant of 2002, with a length of platinum wire implanted was not picked up. In fact, I still have some of the wires in my arm and fly regularly.” He added.

This article also raises a question. What will security agencies of the whole world is planning to do? As, if hackers or criminals bypass security scan at critical areas like Airports.

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