Painful! College student had banking fraud of Rs. 46000 ($800 approx.)

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How will you feel? If you come to know that somebody shopped with your ATM Debit/Credit Card.

I also know after facing such shocking incident, a battle will take place into your mind. Number of questions will struggle out there. Oh my God, My money! Where is my money? Who has hacked me? Who has shopped with my cards?

It’s truly a nightmare! Isn’t it?

Now-a-days scammers are calling as banks officials to execute banking frauds. In this scam, scammer has utilized the name of the bank manager to perform the scam.

Do assume that you are sitting in your room. Suddenly you get a call from your bank manager. And, you are asked to confirm banking details or otherwise ATM Debit/Credit card will be blocked.

What will you do in that situation?

Case 1:

You will ignore and disconnect the call. As you already know bank official never call and ask for confidential banking details on the phone.

Case 2:

You are not aware of these fraud calls. So you will not disconnect the call and will continue the conversation with the self-proclaimed banking official. And, by mistake you could be convinced to share confidential details on the phone. For example Credit/Debit card no, CVV no, ATM pin, etc.

Case 2 happened with a college student at Hoshiarpur, Punjab (India) with a banking fraud of Rs. 46000 ($800 approx). But, I have made it possible to help and assist him in this scam.

Since 2011, I am operating an NGO named as Anti Hacking Welfare Society. I have been working hard day and night to keep people safe & secure from hacking frauds taking place around the world.

Check out our website at this link:

Me and my AHWS team members are assisting people and solving hacking & cyber crime cases since 2011, but now we have taken an oath to share them with you. Our primary aim behind this initiative is to make you aware of hacking frauds happening around all of us. So that you can assist your family or your friends from being a victim of these type of frauds.

Now moving forward toward the case, about which this article is.

On 17th January 2015, a student named as Babneet Singh from Hoshiarpur district (Punjab, IN) got a call from an unknown mobile number +919546209516. And, when he attended that call, there was an individual on the other side who presented himself as Bank Manager of SBI (State Bank of India).

Self-proclaimed SBI Bank Manager convinced him to verify his SBI ATM Cards details with a warning as it is a bank routine verification call. And, he has to confirm card details otherwise bank will block his card. By mistake, the student had shared his SBI Debit card details on the phone to confirm his bank account ownership.

On the same night, that fraudster (Self-proclaimed Bank Official) shopped online for around Rs. 46000/- (800$ Approx.) by using Babneet Singh debit card details.

At midnight, student got amount deduction notification messages from the bank at his registered mobile number. He was completely insane after reading those SMSs, as he has not shopped online. He was not able to sleep that night with numbers of questions to himself. What will I say to my parents? Who has used my Debit card online? How will I pay my college fee? What to do now?

Night passed and at morning, he shared about the fraud with friends for a hope to resolve the scam. His friends advised him to search on the Internet. After searching, he visited website and contacted me to help him to save him from the banking fraud. I have assured to help him in this matter to get his money back.

You can also listen to the first conversation here:

I have guided him to take certain steps immediately so that I could be able to stop the unprocessed transactions.

Firstly, I have suggested him to block his ATM (Debit Card) by calling on Bank Toll-Free number or by visiting the nearest branch of the concerned bank.

Secondly, I have guided him to register a F.I.R in local police station. He accurately followed my suggestions and did accordingly. Here is the copy of the F.I.R by the victim in Hoshiarpur, Punjab (India) police station.

Image Source: F.I.R copy registered at Hoshiarpur Police Station

Image Source: F.I.R copy registered at Hoshiarpur Police Station

Third and Final most step, I have asked him to send emails to all concerned shopping sites where fraudster used his card details for shopping. And on the other side, I also have  emailed them about the fraud.

Here are the snapshots for replies we got in return of our Email from the online shopping sites:

Image Source: Sahil Baghla Email's ID

Image Source: Personnel Email’s ID

Image Source: Sahil Baghla Email's ID

Image Source: Personnel Email’s ID

List of shopping sites where fraudster has shopped online:


We have contacted online shopping sites with complete detailed email having elaborative information about the fraud. Soon after sending emails to concerned shopping sites, the companies immediately took actions against our complaint and provided the desired results that helped us a lot to solve the case. And, they have also refunded amount from the unsuccessful transactions.

But that was not equivalent to the fraud amount. Victim was a student and don’t want to trouble his parents by letting them know about the case. So he didn’t insist police or Anti Hacking Welfare Society again to continue the investigation of the case.

You can also view his thanks giving video message, which he made after he received refunded amount from the online sites:

So friends don’t ever share your confidential banking details on the phone. Bank official never call and ask for details like Debit card number, CVV number & PIN.

Don’t ignore important bank note at ATMs Gate or wall.  See what I have clicked for all of you while I have visited a bank ATM today.

Image Source: PNB Bank ATM

Image Source: PNB Bank ATM

So in the case, any of you got trapped by fraudsters with hacking or cyber crime. You can mail AHWS at [email protected]. Anti Hacking Welfare Society will give best to help you during such frauds.

Don’t forget to share this valuable article worldwide, with your near and dear ones and to make them aware of banking frauds and Anti Hacking Welfare Society. Share this article to support the noble cause.

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