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It’s has been so long that I have not written any new article on this site. But I got many emails asking me to update new articles. But today, despite my busy schedule, I am going to dedicate this article to all of you. This article is all about how to updating yourself with latest Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security tips and tricks to protect yourselves from being a victim of latest Hacking Scams.

Today without letting you wait. I am acknowledging undeviatingly. There are numbers of sites existing from where you can learn a lot on Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security. So my recommended lists of notable sites are as follows.

List of Security Tips & Tricks Sites:-

List of Tutorial Sites:-

List of Hacking & Security related Facebook pages:-


This article is not over yet; that was just the beginning. As anybody having good Internet knowledge can surf the Google and can make that list. But the central question arises that, how a person can parallelly obtain all site’s Cyber Security related information with his/her hectic schedule.

No. of sites1, Limited Time2, How to update yourself?3

I know that you all must be thinking that we will open all these sites one by one in the browser or the people who know how to save a bookmark must be thinking that he/she will bookmark all these sites to browse them later.

But just answer my simple question that how will you manage so much time to open each and every link. And even if you open all bookmarked links together, then how will you manage to get a very fast Internet connection and also a PC/Laptop with huge RAM. Because if you open all sites together, then the browser will stop responding to your standard Internet connection and PC Configuration.

It is important to say that you people are so much addicted to smartphones that you don’t have any time to remain updated. There might be some individuals who know to subscribe to these sites; they must be thinking that they will get subscribed and get all the information on their email account.

But I want to ask those people have you ever opened your Email Inbox. There are so many spams, junks that you will never notice the emails that contain relevant information.

And, the second thing that everybody does, you subscribe to sites with your ‘REGULAR EMAIL ID’, in which we get dozens of junk emails and spams daily and we never really put an effort to open even a few of those emails saying that those are not important for us.

But, According to a saying: “When bulls fight crops suffer”, your subscribed emails also become a part of those emails and you never actually go through the information contained in them.

Now when I have rejected all your explications, you all must be eagerly thinking to ask me a question.

What is the solution to remain updated with all the information on so many sites with a busy life schedule and limited time?

Now here I go. Follow my steps.

Step 1

Above mentioned lists are valuable. I ask all of you to bookmark each and every link, not because I want you to open all of them simultaneously through bookmark but for the reason that you will never have to find the same links again and again.

The people who have already purchased my DIGITAL COP BOOK can also go through Article No. 17 to update them self on bookmark knowledge as, How to use your saved bookmarks on the Chrome browser on your other PC. And, others who don’t have that book can either purchase it or can also Google for it.

(A message for all those who does not know about the launch of my debut book, Digital Cop, don’t worry soon I am going to write an article about it. Until then visit the official book website at

Step 2

Create a new Gmail, Yahoo or other E-mail ID. And then open above listed each site in your browser one by one and subscribe to those sites for notifications at your email account. Subscription is available for all site. Kindly visit every site properly.

Note: Never using that same E-mail ID for any other purposes. So, that you don’t receive any spam email on that email-ID. Further, you will have just to go through those emails only once a day to remain updated on new Hacking & Cyber Security happening out there in the World.

Some people might be thinking that I have asked you to subscribe to those sites for new articles but what about those articles which are already posted on those sites. So please listen to my instruction very carefully, Learning Cyber Security is like a dead sea, the deeper you go, the dark it becomes.

And, according to me, the thing that matters the most is that you will get an email about the new tips, tricks and updates related to Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security on your new Email-ID. All that information is going to be new on Ethical Hacking and Security. So you all should try to make it a habit to learn from those updates at your new e-mail, and then the VICTORY WILL BE YOURS.

Step 3

This step is for a list of Facebook Pages, which I have mentioned above. I already know that you will Like those pages to get updates. But after liking, You should select ‘SEE FIRST’ option in the Drop down menu of button Liked; this feature will give you an alert in the Facebook newsfeed, whenever there is any update on any page that you have liked.

By this way, you will never remain behind of any event or update posted on that page.

Last but not the least, today my readers at this site also came to know that recently I have launched my Debut Book ‘DIGITAL COP’ which is World’s first Cyber Security Book. You should also purchase this book to learn Cyber Security Techniques.

This book is available online at this following link:

That’s all for today. I know you liked my post. Kindly don’t forget to comment to this post by writing “I Learned” Your valuable comment of two words will motivate me to be regular on this site to post new EH1-Infotech™ Hacking News articles.

Be Alert, Be Cyber Safe. And, protect yourself from being hacked.

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