Searching Alia Bhatt on the Internet? Be Careful! This may be dangerous

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EH1-Infotech™ Hacking News is presenting special pre-Christmas hot news for you. YES YES YES! It’s all about your favorite celebrity – Alia Bhatt. Especially about the “Radha” of the Bollywood, as she is the most sensational, glamorous and hottest Actress searched on the Internet for the year 2014.

You all know she has made the nation crazy with her movies like “Student of the year”, “2 States”, “Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania” and with many photo shoots.


McAfee (Computer Security Software Company, part of Intel Security) has revealed the eighth edition of ‘Most Sensational Celebrity – 2014’ research, where Alia Bhatt is the most searched celebrity in India for the year 2014. She has replaced Priyanka Chopra, who topped the list last year and become the most risky personality across the web. If you are looking for sexiest Alia Bhatt on Internet, then be careful.

The curiosity to know more about Alia Bhatt can make your smartphones/computers a good target for malwares/viruses. As, the popular search topics of this year like celebrity hot pictures, wallpapers, celebrity name, free video download and celebrity selfies have resulted in occurrence of malware-loaded sites. These malwares can allow hackers to steal your passwords and confidential information.

Venkat Krishnapur, vice-president of Engineering- Consumer and McAfee India Centre said, “By including the names of popular celebrities in a website’s search tags, consumers are completely unaware of the security risks that exist which can severely infect their computers, devices and steal personal data“.

Every year McAfee prepares the list of famous risky personalities. As searching them on the Internet, you could be redirect to the malware infected websites. The second name in list after Alia Bhatt is Aamir Khan.


McAfee said, “Users must beware of clicking on third party links and ensure they use web protection that notifies them of risky sites or links before they visit them.”

Hey folks, control your emotions and secure yourself with good Antivirus before searching for your favourite celebrity. And also, you need to be careful from clicking malware infected sites.

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