Now-a-days Android Smartphones are backdoors for Hackers to hack your personal stuff

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Last week, news was released by Mobile Security Company Lookout based in San Francisco. Their security researcher Jeremy Linder told AFP (Global News Agency) that, “Malicious malware NotCompatible is being targeted by hackers to enter into your Android based Smartphones or tablets”.

“Smartphone is becoming the leading computing platform and, because it is everywhere, we are highlighting malware targeting it”, Jeremy Linder told to AFP.

“Mobile malware are becoming advanced day by day as viruses in PC/Laptop”, Jeremy Linder told to AFP.

Mobile malware are capable enough to leak your location information, your personal data and even all your phone calls records to hackers. Hackers are also able to control malware to operate hacked smartphones to make them Botnet, for hacking websites and for other illegal cyber crime. Botnet is a collection of Internet-connected programs/malware capable to communicate with other programs to perform tasks as being directed by their boss (Hacker).

Because of malware targeting all devices, different hacked and controlled Smartphones can communicate with each other with hacker’s directions.

“It is the jackpot when it comes to valuable data, so obviously bad guys are doing a lot of work to get at it,” Jeremy Linden told to AFP.

Usually when you as a visitor unknowingly visit a hacked legitimate website, malware could get download to your Smartphone. So while operating Smartphones, if you stuck with an unknown application or program like NotCompatible prompting for permissions to install. Don’t install it.

For example NotCompatible malware introduces itself as Android System Update. It will prompt you to install Android System Update. Don’t install it as it is being prompted by an unknown application. The easiest way to get protected from this type of malware is to decline such permissions and always configure your default android security settings.

We do recommend you to install good antivirus app like Kaspersky Internet Security. This app is freely available to be download from Google Play Store as trial. Later on you can purchase full version, as if you want Kaspersky Internet Security to protect your Smartphone after trial period end.

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