The Benefits of Purchasing an Antivirus Software

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The Benefits of Purchasing an Antivirus Software


It becomes a HUGE problem when your computer gets infected with a virus. You can’t access your Internet. You’re afraid that the confidential data stored on your computer may be compromised. A myriad devastating probabilities run through your mind… But the only matter of concern to you at that time should be – “Which is the best and most affordable antivirus package that I can purchase?”

A Brief Introduction:

An Antivirus is the first level protection against viruses that affect and afflict our computers through infected programs. The source of the computer virus could be anything from a pen drive to a CD or DVD with an infected program. Another very common and probable source is the Internet.

It is human nature that many of us have the habit of downloading free ‘Antivirus programs’ from random Internet sites to protect our computer. It is believed that free Antivirus programs provide some basic level of protection. But in reality, it does not provide the functionality and protection, as purchased reliable Antivirus or trial versions of this authentic software.

For example, some paid Antivirus programs will scan Internet traffic to catch web-borne malware (software which is expressly intended to mutilate your computer) before it affects your hard drive, but the other company’s free version does not provide such functions.

The trial version of antivirus software provides protection only during the temporary trial period. So you have to purchase an original Antivirus program for complete protection for a longer duration.

How to choose the best Antivirus?

Every year new Antivirus programs are being launched by new companies and existing Antivirus programs are being updated with new features. These Antivirus programs are constantly reviewed by reviewing agencies and computer magazines. You can always find such reviews to decide on the Antivirus you should buy.

For example, you can search for “Top ten Antivirus programs in the world” on the Google and then compare results for buying Antivirus.

Our Antivirus Recommendation:

We have been using Kaspersky Internet Security and the Kaspersky Antivirus for many years now. No virus has infected our PCs/Laptops since the Kaspersky antivirus was installed.

Both of these are designed to protect PCs/Laptops. The ‘Kaspersky Antivirus’ is best known for protecting PC from viruses, while ‘Kaspersky Internet Security ’ also protects PC/Laptop from viruses.

But also has many other advanced features. Try using any product from Kaspersky by installing the trial version first to get familiar with its features. If you find it satisfactory, you can purchase it for longer protection.

Note:Links mentioned below are case-sensitive. Please do take care of capital and small letters while typing the links.

Link to download Kaspersky trial: or

Link to download Kaspersky Internet Security trial: or

Don’t forget to purchase any one of the products (Kaspersky Antivirus or Kaspersky Internet Security) from a local vendor. You can also order it by comparing prices at top e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay and Amazon.

Action Time:

Start using the Kaspersky Antivirus or the Kaspersky Internet Security by installing it on your PC/Laptop. It is our experience that you will never face any virus related problem once you have done this.

Note: Remember that the Kaspersky Antivirus and the Kaspersky Internet Security requires some time for downloading updates for the very first time; the time taken with regular updates will be less. And, your Antivirus will perform better after every successful update.

Links to other Antivirus programs’ official websites:-

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