Trojan Detected! Don’t download attachment from Spam emails

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I am presenting something exclusive for you directly revealed from the Microsoft Malware Protection Center. As we all know that Microsoft security software provides us with latest Trojan and Malwares protection updates timely. As per Microsoft’s latest report, Emotet Trojan is getting very popular now-a-days.

New update has taken place in Win32/Emotet Trojan family and it has started targeting banking credentials with the help of spam emails. Users are receiving spam emails, these spam emails includes fake phone bills, statement from banks or PayPal.

Win32/Emotet Trojan takes place in your systems in the form of .zip or .exe files, which comes as attachment within the spam emails.

Microsoft has been monitoring the variations in Trojan Win32/Emotet since November 2014, as per reports Trojan Win32/Emotet.C which is a part of its recent campaign. This campaign is targeting banking websites.

A screenshot for spam mail is available below, which was received by a user:

Image source:

Image source:

English version of the message:

Your deposit

Good day,

Your statement has been cancelled before we recorded contact with the bank. More details are available here: your deposit.

With warm regards, The Volksbank team.

Image source:

Image source:

This scam uses a PDF document as a tool. When the victim tries to open the document after downloading, the malware executes into the victim’s computer.

Emotet installs a malware known as Cetsoil into the victim’s system. It automatically installs a .bat file and gets deleted immediately after being executed.

This malware can steal the victim’s username and password to spread spam emails, this means anti-spam techniques are not applicable, because email ids of the authentic users are compromised. Emotet can also steal the banking credentials of the infected user.

This Trojan highlights the importance of keeping your system updated with Microsoft security software as Microsoft Security Essentials or with any legally purchased Antivirus.

EH1-Infotech™ Hacking News recommends you not to download any attachment from spam emails like fake phone bills, fake statements from banks or PayPal. Otherwise your banking credentials could be targeted by Trojans like Emotet.

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