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Hi all,

I have sizzling hot news for you. I am sure few of you still remember the old fake miss calls scam, which may have happened with you and your friends. Scam was, “You get miss call from a number, after calling back the number. You come to know that your phone balance is deducted until it is zero”.

The reason which made you victim of the scam was your curiosity to explore things.

Do you still have memories of those beautiful girls in your mind, which were advertised on the last page of the newspaper? With an attractive quote, “Call +1-9817****** I am alone, let’s meet me, as I am single”. Or the crazy girl memory who gave you missed call and when you dialed back her number, she started flirting with you.

I can bet on this, you still have her imaginations in your eyes, while reading this article. Yes because, she has played with your emotions.

Do you want to know, why she did this?

When you got a miss call from an unknown number you thought it may be important to do back call. So, you dialed back the number and after calling it you got surprised. There was a crazy girl on the other side and she started flirting with you.  But what happened next to your excitement. When you ended up with that call, you came to know your phone balance is zero.

Oops! Then you realized it was a fake call. These frauds were executed to deduct your phone balance. Many of you really feel excited when it comes to talk with girl on phone, who is flirting with you.

Am I right?

The story behind this scam: These miss calls numbers are Toll-paid numbers of fraudsters. When you do back call, your service provider charges you as per ISD call rates. Fraudsters used this scam to earn money from your phone balance. This scam was very popular and successful fraud worldwide and is still being executed in many countries.

As you all know, technology is enhancing very quickly day by day. So, fraudsters are also improving their techniques and coming up with new ideas. So that they can cheat you, by doing scams and earn money in this advanced technology era.

Now this fraud is taking place through your favorite and most popular Smartphone messaging/chat platform. Yes, you thought it correct! WhatsApp. Now spammers are using WhatsApp to spread the scam.

Now-a-days, maximum population of the World is using WhatsApp to stay connected with their friends and family. Scammers are very clever and are taking advantage of this, by sending scam messages to the users. This scam is spreading slowly and right now only few people know about it.

Are you excited to know about the scam?

From the last few days many people are getting WhatsApp messages, as a contact of a beautiful girl from an unknown number.

In the excitement, they saved the contact and started texting to that girl via WhatsApp. But the question arises!

Will she reply to your messages?

Source: WhatsApp

Source: WhatsApp

Answer is No.

Because the girl is always offline from WhatsApp and she won’t reply. Now, you will think about to call her.

My dear friend, if you are thinking the same in your mind don’t do it. Otherwise you will be the victim of the WhatsApp beautiful girl scam.

Yes. It’s the same scam which took place through the missed calls. If you call back on that girl number, your balance will be deducted until zero. As that no is Toll-paid number.


Source: WhatsApp

These numbers are usually foreign Toll-paid numbers, and the messages come with image of a good looking female. The aim of the message is to make you back call that number. This is the new way some fraudsters have devised to steal from others. Do not be a victim. Never try to call back on the unknown number like this.

EH1-Infotech™ Hacking News keeps on researching about the upcoming scams in the market and brings latest hacking scams news from the cluster of the world. I have brought this exclusive news for you, to save you from this scam. As it has not become famous in the World and www.hackingscams.com is the first hacking news website in the World to write news on this scam.

Friends, spread this news around your friends and relatives and make them aware of the latest money laundering hacking scam. Don’t forget to comment below, to add your review to the article.

Stay tuned with EH1-Infotech™ Hacking News, to get updates on hacking scams taking place around the World.

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