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Banking frauds are increasing day by day in every country. You could hear about the happening of these frauds near to you. Here is sizzling news for you, straight from the second most populous country of the World. Yes, it’s from India. Now-a-days Indian Prime minister Mr. Narender Modi is popular worldwide because of his goodwill, ideas and personality.

He has launched no of Government Schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna (Prime Minister’s People Money Scheme). He has started this scheme with a target to provide ‘universal access to banking facilities’ to around 7.5 crore Indian people with no saving account. Surprisingly till 10 Jan, 2015 accounts opened were more than 11.76 crore, with around Rs. 8698 crore (US $1.4 billion) were deposited under the scheme. This scheme has definably surprised the whole world. But, fraudsters are taking advantage of this act negatively by launching fake Government websites with similar Government schemes to steal hard earned money.

Fraudster calls innocent people on phone as banking or Government officials of the fake Government site. And, inform people about blocking of their bank account and ask them to confirm details like credit card and debit card to unblock account. Lack of security awareness leads innocent people to become victim of the banking fraud. Fraudster uses credit and debit card details to purchase goods on popular e-commerce sites or do transfer funds to other accounts.

Such a fraud Government website is exposed and a 43 years old man has been arrested on 17th Jan, 2015 for building an illegitimate Government website portal.

Ravinder Yadav (Joint Commissioner of Delhi Crime Branch) said, “The crime branch busted a racket which used to create fake Government websites and one of them was named as Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Yojna (Prime Minister Model Program). They have cheated a lot of people and their base was in Howrah, Kolkata (India)”.

Mastermind behind the scam was Sudipta Chatterjee, who was arrested by the Delhi Crime Branch on Saturday from West Bengal, India. He has also offered loan to entrepreneurs from the Indian Government.


According to the sources, they also had fake Government rubber stamps and project reports and cheated more than 200 people. The suspect have created fake Government website as bharat-sarkar.in, govindia.in, CGTMSE-govt.in and also fake Government emails. And, he was running active call center with 17 telephone callers to call and fraud people.

The PMO (Prime Minister Office) had requested the Cyber Security Cell, Department of IT to block all the illegitimate websites that are having “communal overtones” content.

The PMO initially asked Twitter to shutdown some controls but when no action was performed by Twitter the matter was passed to the Cyber Security Cell.

RK Singh (Former Union Home Secretary) had asked the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DIET) to give ultimatum to the Twitter as it failed to execute the Government order for blocking 28 fraudsters twitter account.

Hey reader, bank officials and Government bodies never call people to confirm bank details like bank account number, debit or credit card number and ATM pin code.

So, if someone calls you or your parent for confirming banking details. It’s possibly could be a fraudster behind the phone. Don’t share net banking, credit or debit card details with someone on phone. As bank officials never calls customers to confirm details on the phone. In case you receive such calls, then immediately report the case to nearly police station or cyber crime cell.

If you have opened a website which look like Government website and has a Government scheme. Immediately don’t enroll yourself to the scheme by using your net banking, credit or debit cards, as the website could be a fake website created by the fraudsters. Consult about the website with your friends. In case, you are able to identify a fake government website, do report it to police or to us.

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