Your social media account password can be hacked. Are you worried?

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Nowadays what so ever we do, we do everything online whether it is booking a ticket, ordering food etc., everything we do even banking transaction is just a click away. 

On the other side, every application and every social media where we have our account has a lot of personal information. If we don’t know cybersecurity and uses technology in the same way we are using it, like without safeguarding our account, then we can be in trouble in case our account get in the hands of somebody else. 

Even the Smartphone of Amazon CEO was targetted as per the Forensic investigator reports and news is being circulated nowadays. If you are thinking it is difficult to protect yourself from being hacked then you are wrong, some steps you can take in your regular day to day habit by which you can defend yourself from being hacked. And, if you are thinking this thing that you can’t be hacked, then you are wrong because hacking or fraud can happen with anyone without an invitation.

I have listed top security measures which you can take for securing your accounts at websites.

  1. Password 

    Keep strong password with a combination of alphabets, numeric and symbols. Keep different password for a different account, If a hacker gets access to one account. The hacker should not be able to hack account at some other website with the same email Id.

    For example, if Facebook is hacked and if you are having a habit of keeping the same password for Twitter, then other social media will also be hacked.

  2. Start using password managing software

    For PC/Laptop as well as for Smartphone, password managing software is available so instead of remembering so many passwords you only need to remember the password of the password manager. And, even good Antivirus like Kaspersky has also offered a new software/application as Kaspersky password manager.

  3. Secure your Smartphone with a proper lock

    Instead of keeping a simple pattern, either have a thumb impression lock or password containing alphanumeric. because if your Smartphone gets hacked then your email, social media account can be compromised

  4. Keep all software up to date

    Always installed software from their official website and always keep them up to date. Never install cracked software in your system as that cracked software itself open a backdoor for hackers to hack.

  5. Use the Device Encryption technique

    Device encryption is a method that if somebody breaks your Smartphone password and even PC/Laptop password; it acts as an additional level of security. On the other side, many encryption software is existing by which you can encrypt your drives data. And, even in new Android & iPhone, there is an option to encrypt the complete data. 

  6. Turn On Two-factor authentication

    Every social media account has two-factor authentication feature available. Check the security setting of your social media account. And, turn on this feature. Every time OTP will come at your Smartphone after you apply the correct password.

  7. Use VPN Software/Application

    VPN software stands for virtual private network software. It acts a secure tunnel when you use the internet and shield your usage from hackers when you are using the Public Wifi. There are the number of applications existing for the Smartphone and number of VPN extension/addon available for the browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc. Start using them, because when you are on a public Wifi, your data can be sniffed by the hacker sitting inside the network. So if you use a VPN, then you are one step ahead in the public Wifi from being sniffed. 

Take all top cybersecurity measures today. 

Stay Secure, Keep Reading.

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