ANURAG BAGHLA Award Winning Speaker !

  • EH1-Infotech has trained more than 2, 50,000 people from all around the world (online), more number of people from countries like United States, Australia, India, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, Africa etc.
  • EH1-Infotech has also trained Police Officers of Cyber Crime and other Police Department and trained Crime Investigation Bureau of Police Department & solved other Cyber Crime Cases.
  • EH1 is providing online training venture for Internationally Certified Cyber Security Expert.

Workshop Trainer

Anurag Baghla is the founder and CEO of EH1-Infotech, Technology certified & Hacking Scams (Units of Baghla Technologies Pvt. Ltd.).

  • An internationally acclaimed expert on Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security.
  • Certified in Business Management from IIT Delhi (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi), the top-ranked Deemed University in India.
  • Diploma in Cyber Law from Govt. Law College Mumbai and Asian Schools of Cyber Law, Pune.
  • Certified Ethical Hacker from the EC-Council (US).
  • An alumnus of the ‘LPU’, Punjab, graduated with an engineering degree in IT in the year 2011 & Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Technology in the year 2018.
  • Accomplished his entrepreneurship dream by founding EH1-Infotech in the year 2010.
  • Conducted more than 250 Ethical Hacking seminars & workshops at many prestigious schools/colleges, companies and Govt. organisations.

He has trained thousands of people in security from all around the world.

He is contributing to secure India by providing his services as the ‘President of India’s First Anti Hacking Welfare Society’(Regd.) since 2011.

The society assists Cyber Cell of India to solve cyber-crime cases. For his contribution in the field of Ethical Hacking and CyberSecurity, he has been admired and covered by many major news portals, magazines and newspapers.

“Digital Cop” is his debut book as an author. This book is an endeavour to educate and protect everyone from the clutches of cyber-crime and hackers.

Every Participant will get FREE Certificate of Cyber Security Expert from EH1-Infotech.

There will be provided FREE Workshop material to each Participants from EH1-Infotech.

Free EH1 Toolkit (E-Hacking Tools, E-Hacking Videos, Ethical Hacking E-books, EH1-Infotech DVD).

Having basic knowledge of Computer.

Anyone who is interested in knowing more about Computer Security and Ethical Hacking.

Also who has knowledge of Web & Networking TCP/IP Protocols.

Learn a Complete Course on Ethical Hacking and get Direct Interaction with Anurag Baghla.

Hands on Demonstration of Latest E-Hacking Techniques & Tools.
EH1-InfotechToolkit (PowerPoint Presentations, Tools, E-books, EH1-Infotech DVD).

Live Demonstration of Website E-Hacking & Security, Software Cracking without using any Software,
Google E-Hacking & Security, Server E-Hacking & Security, and many more…

Introduction of Ethical Hacking & Information Security Implementation.

Information Gathering (Foot printing & Scanning Methodologies).

Tracing Mail (Outgoing & Incoming with Case Study).

Google E-Hacking & Advanced Google E-Hacking (Manually & Security

Windows E-Hacking (with different methods) & Security Implementation.

Linux E-Hacking (Cracking Password, and Auditing Grub Menu) & Security Implementation.

Wireless E-Hacking (WEP-Manually & Security Implementation).

Web Server E-Hacking (SQL Injection, Script Kidding, Remote File Inclusion) & Security Implementation.

E-Hacking by Trojans, Backdoors & Viruses & Security Implementation.

Proxy Servers & VPN Technologies (Advance).

E-Hacking E-mail Accounts & E-mail Security (Advance) & Security Implementation.

Virtualization in Operating System.

E-Hacking Web Servers Technology, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing (Advance).

Mobile Hacking (Fake Call Demo, Fake SMS Demo, Bluetooth Hacking).

Credit Card Frauds & Security (Advance).

Data Recovery (Deleted files will be recovered).

Cryptography (Encryption & Decryption).

Steganography (Hiding Important Data into different files).

Different Computer Tips & Tricks.

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Students who wants to participate in EH1-Infotech Workshop, they can submit the fees to their College co-ordinators of Workshop and get their seats reserved.


More information and for scheduling Workshops in your college contact our Expert Team.
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Certificate of Cyber Security Expert will be given to each participants by EH1-Infotech.


Days – 1/2 days
Time – 12 hours, 6 hours/day.

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